Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tweeter Than Honey

I spent about 15 minutes today reading tweets that included the word "Bible". Along with a large number of Bible quotes, a fascinating and disturbing group of other references to "Bible" presented themselves, all from random people I've never met and likely will never meet.

I present the results of my "bible" study, which offers a window into the way the world sees the Bible.

Like much of twitter, there was plenty of tossed-off snark:

This one was sort of hopeful:
Reading "between the lines" of the Bible is just another way of describing what I hope they were really doing, which is reading deeply, going behind the words to the historical context, reading elsewhere int he Bible to other verses tat expanded on the truths told there, and even using god-given imagination to bring the scriptures to life in their world.

Or not. Reading her previous tweets isn't encouraging.

There are also some tweets from the "new atheists", with old complaints about the Bible.
And the obligatory political tweets:
And the expected misquotes:
And the just "wow" sort of tweets:

This tweetus interuptus doesn't really need to be completed to make me shake my head:
And my favorite: